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I feel I’ve been bodily pulled and lifted from winter hibernation into a vibrant springtime. And maybe it is true. At times I have needed this badly, to be surrounded by my friends and family en masse.  We had a visit from our dear Jack Decatur and Jill Eugene all the way from Olympia, Washington. Denver shined bright sun on them, and hopefully cleared a few cobwebs and let in some welcome fresh air. They came bearing tall tales and gifts, and brightened our world for a magical few days.

We threw ourselves/our guests a party, and our new little house was packed full of Denver’s finest loves. There was guitar picking, baby squeezing, cheesecake eating, and much catching up; reminders of a world much bigger than our own, to be celebrated.

Between snows we had a wander up a mountain, to an old castle. We brought a picnic of veggies, almonds, hummus, chocolate, and a bottle of red. These days there are many many firsts, like a first cucumber. To feel the wind on a mountain with dear friends beside me and a wee human strapped to my body is divine, and makes me laugh with the absurd amount of love abounding. And all I can think over and over again is *thank you*.


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Sundays, delicious Sundays. We got out today in the sunshine, and when the wind got to be too much for our little one we headed indoors. Since my maternity leave began I have been getting steadily better at being at home. Rarely have I been one to stay in my pajamas all day, and I never spent entire days indoors, ever. Now, as the end of my leave approaches, I relish these slow days and don’t want them to end: the rhythm of taking care of a tiny person, eating, napping, listening, dancing, staring at each other. We stare at one another a lot. Surrendering to a different pace, someone else’s pace.

I have been so happy to have this time at home with my little one; it just feels right. The USA has an abysmal policy on maternity leave, and paternity leave is worse. Some day we will get it right and give parents the time and support needed to get a good start.

watching :: Wuthering Heights
reading :: The Paris Review
listening :: Open Air


IMG_0515 windows IMG_0469This is the season to hibernate, and that’s exactly what we’ve been up to, with fits and spurts of activity on sunny Denver days. I have never been one to stay still, but lately it has been one of my greatest pleasures. It’s amazing the adventures that transpire while you sit quietly.  Watching the sky’s lights change through tall windows, while we are cozy and warm with our blankets and tea, is divine.  Hope your days have been merry and bright.



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