My friend Jen says that artists manipulate emotions, that’s just what they do. She also says that making art is inherently narcissistic. To have an idea and be so consumed and obsessed with it that you have to get it out into the world and give it audience outside your own brain. I am not sure if this is narcissism, but I do know that my friend has a beautiful sensibility, and provocative ideas about memories, time, and the decay of both. The textures and colors of the pieces in the show recollect dual landscapes of the mind: violent and tranquil, coexisting in memory. Jen’s show officially begins tomorrow, July 25, 6 o’clock, at Ice Cube Gallery. The works are gorgeous, both Jen’s and Jan McMahan’s.

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foraging walk IMG_1664 tea making IMG_1670IMG_1673 IMG_1686 IMG_1677IMG_1674 IMG_1697 IMG_1665 IMG_1669 dram IMG_1654brushingIMG_1706

Silver Plume is an unasuming  town along Interstate 70; one I’d only seen in my rearview mirror coming to and from Grand Junction over the years. On the town’s tiny main street sits Bread Bar, home of Dram Apothecary, where three magical ladies hosted what will undoubtedly be the first of many Witch & Bitch gatherings.

Shae, Robin and Lynn, the three women who brought Witch & Bitch to life, are herbalists, healers, concocters, foragers, business women, and, among many other things, teachers. This weekend I was honored to be part of their first group of students. What an amazing, strong congregation of women. We foraged in the hills, made healing teas, got our hands in the dirt, imbibed in nourishing food and drink (cocktails are nourishing!), and became intimate with the powers of plants through sight, touch, and smell. Their lessons are still buzzing in my head after coming down the mountain back into the city, and like all good teachers, Lynn, Shae and Robin have helped me see the world in a new light. My eyes are open to new things around me, to things the earth has been doing under my nose, quietly, powerfully. I am very much looking forward to the next one.



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