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Could it be that there is magic in the cracks of everyday life? That it is really there all around, and many forget or do not know how to see it? We gathered in the mountains to remember; and to take time together to learn natural ways to take care of ourselves, and one another. Autumn was starting to peek through the leaves, just in time for this season’s Witch and Bitch theme: Fire. A perfect metaphor for keeping warm, death to inspire rebirth, cleansing, and a light in the darkness. We crafted fire cider  to ward off a variety of troubles (and to use up your soup-making scraps!), gem essences to calm and refocus, smoked delights to nourish, and herbal fire to cleanse and transport. Dram Apothecary, R.L. Linden, and Western Daughters :: thank you for the reminder.


My friend Jen says that artists manipulate emotions, that’s just what they do. She also says that making art is inherently narcissistic. To have an idea and be so consumed and obsessed with it that you have to get it out into the world and give it audience outside your own brain. I am not sure if this is narcissism, but I do know that my friend has a beautiful sensibility, and provocative ideas about memories, time, and the decay of both. The textures and colors of the pieces in the show recollect dual landscapes of the mind: violent and tranquil, coexisting in memory. Jen’s show officially begins tomorrow, July 25, 6 o’clock, at Ice Cube Gallery. The works are gorgeous, both Jen’s and Jan McMahan’s.

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