03 Ada IMG_5583 03 Solon IMG_4445

Her sweet smiles are the most flattering things.

He and I got out of the house, just the two of us. He cracks the crunchy ice under his boots and eats the snow, and says “Swing me so high?”

02 Ada IMG_5578 02 SolonIMG_5576

This scene has become an evening ritual, as much as something can be a ritual when it’s only 7 weeks old. When she sleeps she imparts the deepest peace I’ve known.

He wears his baby bear in a sling made from a dish towel. Look at those feet.

01 Solon IMG_5540 01 Ada IMG_5557

Two babies, two portraits every week in 2016. Because they grow so fast, because we are changing right along with them, and because we love them so much. To stay inspired and inspiring, and to practice something that makes us feel good.

We made our Christmas cookies late this year, so they tasted even better. Solon used his rolling pin from our swell friend Tiff. Ada is still a darling dreaming bundle much of the time, and we all queue to hold her.

Both of these photographs include their dear Annie.

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