calaveras y yo

My family has a favorite toast, “To the loved and absent ones.” This seems especially fitting for el Día de los Muertos, when the absent ones are at the forefront of our thoughts. (Today, in somewhat related news, in regards to toasting at least, I learned the word “spadiodi”. According to a 1959 Denver Post it’s beatnik lingo for a mixture of cheap port and whiskey. Talk about warm. Unfortunately I cannot seem to find the word elsewhere, so it is doubtful it can be ordered at my favorite bars.)

This year work gave me the opportunity to make a calavera for a staff party/friendly competition. Thanks to a very talented and lovely friend I broke-in some excellent new pens on my blank skull (yeah, mine and the paper one…). The banjo is a nod to this friend, and there is a tiny tribute to this guy right around the third eye area. Here’s before and after:

October was a month to be remembered. It was always my favorite, but now there are a couple of new anniversaries nestled in the leaves. The roses were courtesy of my lovely friends and parents, and the fern leaves were a symbol of resurrection and healing. And that’s not an egg in her mouth, it’s a rock. Her flowers were too heavy, poor thing.

A little praise never hurts either. Thank y’all.

One thought on “calaveras y yo

  1. Thanks for the link-out! What a gorgeous bunch of skulls, above and below. This reminded me, I wanted to tell you that I finally bought a copy of Habibi, and have been enjoying it very much on the difficult ration of a chapter a night.

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