day 2

Today began in Downer’s Grove with fluffy pancakes by Michael, which fueled our trip into Lincoln Park for mas coffee at the Bourgeois Pig.  We’d been there this past spring, and came back for the cozy atmosphere, conducive to medical school studies and cribbage.




After a leisurely breakfast sequel, we strolled to the free Lincoln Park Zoo to meet the wonderful Wisconsin Dewey’s.  It was a perfect day for walking and looking; the sun had that beautiful, south leaning tilt that really gets going in November.20111113-095523.jpg

(And though I cannot get enough of looking at the animals, zoos always spark the discussion of why we have zoos in the first place, but that’s a whole other can-a-worms…)  Have you ever heard of a tawny frogmouth?  Me neither, but it was my favorite creature of the day.20111113-095539.jpg

20111113-095556.jpgOr maybe these were the best creatures.


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