day 5

Yesterday morning we bid Illinois farewell with a great breakfast at Ted’s in Evanston. It’s a bonafide diner: the kind where most everything is under $6 and one can get a bowl of grits with a pat of butter big enough to make you giggle. Chicago was a whirlwind of a great time, thanks to stellar friends.

The rest of the day was spent on the road to Columbus, Ohio. We got there last night. While it’s always a little disorienting to land somewhere unfamiliar after dark, there was a very pretty sunset on the way in. Luckily I didn’t lose my phone to the wind while I filmed with my head out of the sun roof.


We spent a cozy evening with our hosts Tara, Doug and Zoë. Last month they sent us a few pints of Jeni’s splendid ice cream, so creamy delicious. So far buttercup pumpkin with amaretti cookies is my favorite, but frankincense and almond cake complicated my rating system.

I shall leave you with a giant goose.


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