day 7

Fredericksburg! Who would have guessed that we would get to play with clay on this trip. Our friend Jason works as a potter, and he took us to visit artist Dan Finnegan’s workshop. Dan was at work loading his dual-chamber kiln for a wood firing coming up next week. The studio is nestled in Virginia’s hillside woods.




As if things couldn’t get any better, Jason took us out for a great lunch, then beers, then to the local arts center to throw pots! I used to throw way back in college, and was grinning like a nut the entire time. Jason was a patient teacher.


Post-Fredericksburg we drove to DC to meet up with Liz and Kip. After a beer and cake dinner, these wonderful folks took us on a car tour of the city at night. The nation’s capitol! If you are not sure what is going on exactly in this last photo, it’s Liz maneuvering to take our picture in the freezing cold, on the ground. I’ll say it again: we have really great friends.


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