Washington D.C. It was a beautiful day to visit.

The Library of Congress is amazing to anybody, I think, and maybe especially to librarians. It was hard not to get choked up as we walked through the glorious Jefferson building. There was only enough time to go through one section, which left much, so much, to be desired.

The visit at the Library was cut short for a good reason. Our pals here are friends with a nice fellow who works for a Colorado senator. He gave us a tour through the Capitol, into the Senate, and even got us a ride on the subway employees take between buildings. And he gave us a slice of pecan pie. No joke.

This trip has already been excellent music-wise. Yesterday we caught a matinee performance by the National Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center. We were late and almost didn’t get in for the first movement. Instead they gave us box seats! Honeymoon magic…

The day ended with a short trip to the National Archives (we closed the joint down) and some local Ethiopian food for dinner. I love it here.




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  1. November 19, 2011

    Wonderful photographs!

  2. November 19, 2011

    I agree – great photos. I like the slightly blurred one of the guy looking at all the books. Very cool!

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