day 13, 14, & 15

Thanksgiving at Saranac Lake, New York, highlights:
• real maple syrup tapped from Mark Twain Camp trees by uncle Jack
• my Dewey family Christmas stocking from aunt Esther and Nancy
• Nori’s Market for a veggie Thanksgiving roast
• the Saranac Lake Fish and Game Club, which was a great venue for our eating, dancing, an general merry making
• Cedar, the yellow lab, who wins the prize for sweetest pup
• skinny dipping in the wood fire hippie hot tub surrounded by snowy woods
• a brisk boat ride through the locks, and the sweet family waiting with snowballs and lunch on the other end of the lake
• conversation and toasts with everyone at the big Thanksgiving feast
• music by the Fowlers and Konesnis, and the gift of a wedding waltz
• sharing the boathouse with the Drury clan
• homemade waffles with pecan butter
• learning to shoot a rifle and obliterating the target on the first try
• the family hike toward the summit of Mount Catamount in slushy snow
• kids and babies
• shopping at with Alexander and Dreya
• saying so-long and promises to visit again very soon.






THANK YOU to the Drurys, Ellsworths, MacNeilles, Vaughns, Feeleys, Fowlers, Konesnis, Ostbys, Fiskes and everyone else that made this such a magical holiday. And love to our friends and family in Colorado and across the country (& globe). We love you.


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