exquisite corpse, exquisite folks

A couple days after Christmas we received a portentous voice message from friends out west, promising a surprise.  This week a package arrived in the post, and the surprise was indeed spectacular.  A bit of background might be necessary.  Exquisite corpse is a sort of parlor game, where a piece of paper (or in our friends’ case, blank fabric) is folded into several sections, and each person takes a turn drawing a piece of a creature.  Participants cannot see what the other players have drawn.  So when revealed, it is a delightful surprise, as you can see.  Thank you dearies!  Now he just needs a name…

In other news, I am sick, and feel like I’m floating in a sea of weird time and space.  Only not in a pleasant way.  Sometimes it’s best to just ride it out, with appropriate supplies.

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