The Homeland of Pure Joy

The act of writing is solitary. Publishing a book takes a small army. William Dewey, man of letters and talented troubadour, wrote a book. With the help of said small army, it will be published next month. The Homeland of Pure Joy is a tale of unsettling encounters, past love, turbulent memories, and very much more, and will be available through maybeparade in early May.

The maybeparade team and William have put together a Kickstarter campaign with some excellent incentives. Come support this wonderful new publisher. If you think you may like to purchase the book, this is the way to go, because you will be treated to other excellent goodies, including original artwork, postcard packages, custom inscriptions by the author, booze, and so on. Here’s a video created by the maybeparaders in honor of the release.

I am lucky enough to have a little collaborative creative part in this project. I got to make art for the postcards for the Kickstarter campaign, and am designing the cover for the New Zealand publication, due out in autumn of this year from Lawrence and Gibson. Well, it will be autumn in the USA, spring in New Zealand… More on this later.

We’ll be in the Pacific Northwest (USA) for a few readings: Wednesday 2 May at Beech Street in Portland for the big release, Thursday 3 May in Olympia at Orca Books, and Friday 4 May at Elliott Bay Book Company in Seattle. The Denver launch is scheduled for 16 May at the Colfax Tattered Cover Book Store. Last time I was up in Washington my band was forced to play a Nirvana cover in a tiny, empty, drag bar in Olympia, by our solitary, irate show-goer. I can’t imagine what’s in store for this time.

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