Ukefest 2012 was Denver’s 5th annual, and our 3rd.  It all began when I bought a ukulele on a whim a few years ago, discovered Swallow Hill, and dragged Jenn to Ukefest III one rainy, groggy February morning in Englewood, Colorado.  We attended a beginning workshop right off, and Jenn was so inspired she ran out into the lobby and bought her first uke, the pineapple I’m holding below.  Since then, it’s been nonstop for us.


This year we saw Jake Shimabukuro at the Oriental Theatre, which melted paint right off the walls, as expected.  He’s got this calm behind a wild energy; it was infectious.  My favorite surprise?  Special guests Tina and Her Pony at the show Saturday night.  My jaw dropped when they started singing.  Denver, you rock.




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  1. May 22, 2012

    That photo is better than buttercream icing on blueberry pancakes.

    • Jennifer A. C. Dewey #
      May 22, 2012

      Aw shucks, that’s about the best brunchy compliment I ever heard.

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