red rocks surprise

A concert at Red Rocks is a special thing, especially when it is given as a gift to one from their sweetheart to commemorate a special day, especially when Feist and Bon Iver are playing, and especially when said concert is followed immediately after by a long weekend camping trip with great friends.

No photograph I took does the magic of the concert justice.  The moon was waxing, just above the stage, the place was sold out, it was clear and cool, just right, and the music fit better than any I have seen in this venue.

 One of my favorite bands of late is Mountain Man (not to be confused with the hardcore band of the same moniker), and luckily I have been obsessively watching videos of these ladies.  Why?  Because they sang backups for Feist!  I lost it as soon as they took stage in woodland-faerie getups; they are obvious punk rockers, gosh I love ’em.  Feist, good choice.

The rest of the weekend was woods, mountains, sun, campfires, chili, hikes, rain pounding on tents, naps, reading, drawing, dogs, and, of course, songs.

2 thoughts on “red rocks surprise

  1. You went to the Feist show?! I’ve seen her 3 times but never at a venue like Red Rocks. Jealousy abounds. You’re the first Colorado blogger I’ve actually really really liked 🙂

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