I have travelled, and I have moved all over the lovely state of Colorado. 12 different residences at current count. There was even a brief stint in Missouri in there. But planning to move overseas has changed my philosophy on stuff dramatically. George Carlin sums it up with a bit about how life revolves around stuff: we have houses to cover up our stuff, and we lock them when we leave to go get more stuff so that nobody steals our stuff.

The nature of the stuff we have has changed dramatically over the past decade; my boxes of negatives and books have been replaced with digital cameras (iPhone too, honorary member of the class), external hard drives, and an e-reader. Purists do not fear–from my Polaroid Land camera and other such treasures I will never part.

What I’ve learned is that the less stuff you want, the less you have to work to be able to afford it. The less stuff you have, the less time you have to spend taking care of it, cleaning it, or moving it around. It has been endlessly fascinating to see what Will and I decide to keep in our lives, pack up, store, and move to the other side of the planet. We are, hopefully, more than the sum of our stuff.

And thank you very much everyone who came to our yard sale to take our stuff and spend time with us.

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