Ironwood is a place that defies description.  Usually when recommending it to folks I call it a curiosity shop, and that is about as specific as I can get.  Ironwood is a work of love by a couple of creative, stylish, sweet people, and has grown and blossomed in it’s unassuming spot on South Broadway.  You cannot really tell what’s old and what’s new, and everything is definitely a bit magic.  They stock the most luscious succulents and air plants around.  Last year while wondering over some trinkets at Ironwood I found a what looked like a dry little weed.  Aly explained it was a resurrection fern, which could lay dorment for a century before being revived with a bit of water; a symbol of resilience and rebirth.  Ironwood isn’t just a shop either; there’s always a reading, art opening, or musical performance to be found after hours.  It’s one of the best places to fall in love with Denver.


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