We are moving overseas on Thursday.  Two and a half more days in Denver, and we are spending them with our generous friends Josh and Lanette at their home.  They’ve provided a very comfy bed and a place to rest, as well as some adorable puppies to squeeze.

The past week and a half we’ve gotten rid of basically everything we own, minus those things you’d never get rid of.  Or at least I would never get rid of: photographs, journals, my wedding dress, the most special gifts and books.  Clothes, furniture (what little we had was still a lot), other books, bicycles, CDs, records, cars, nicknacks…those were all sold, loaned/given to friends, or donated.  We tried not to throw too much away, but some things had no other place to go.  Letting go is exhilarating, and tough sometimes; we get attached to things, even though the memory of events and people associated with the objects is the real treasure.

Once I fell in love with oil paints, and I made a few paintings of the people I loved.  A couple of these paintings made their way back to their subjects.  The rest, well…  They had to go.  The paintings were visual love letters to my friends, and I hope they still know I love them, even if the paintings ended up in the dumpster.  I didn’t notice the woman and little boy sitting in the car in the alley as I pitched the canvases over the high dumpster wall and wiped away a stray tear, but I heard a little voice proclaim, “Oh! Mama! Why she throw those away?!”  Here a a few, circa 2005-2006.


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  1. September 4, 2012

    I am so happy for you both and wish you love and light..till we meet again amiga!

    love Sondra

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