blind date with destiny

This morning I woke up disoriented, and opened the curtains to see this: Wellington.

It’s been just under a week since we departed, and it seems like a rushing blur of flying, driving, food, sleep, friends, wine and excitement.  We did the little odds and ends in Auckland, like getting a bank account and mobile phone.  We took a long walk around to see some sights, and catch a glimpse of the coast, and get off of Queen Street for a bit.  Auckland seems like a big, manic city, and I only just got a tiny bit of the country surrounding it.  The future is up in the air, but I’m guessing we will be back soon.

Wellington welcomed us with loving arms and a bit of rain.  Right now we’re staying in amazing accommodations, thanks to the kindness of some very generous friends.  Currently rocking Crowded House and thinking of what’s to come, feeling very glad to be here.

This is how I felt upon seeing my first flocks of NZ lambs on the rolling green hills.


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