It started for me with the discovery of Cometbus at a little shop called Double Entendre in Denver. Not only did it open the rapturous universes of punk rock, alternative living, and San Francisco to my adolescent self, it also blew the doors off my notions of story telling and publishing. The zines were gorgeous; not in a traditional sense, but in a style unlike any I’d seen. Cometbus’s painstakingly lettered pages were full of wonderful, debaucherous, human stories, and they were fantastic to look at. There have been many imitators, and now one can even download a typeface copied from Aaron’s original script. It’s one of those modern phenomena that makes one feel a little queasy.

A big project of late is nearly realised, featuring a bit of sweet handwriting. There will be more on that to come in the next couple of weeks; the excitement builds. My new city has been full of inspiration in the most unexpected of places.


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