Kaitoke is up on top of the Hutt. The Hutt, to those who don’t know, is a suburb of Wellington. It’s often referred to the way Highlands Ranch is referred to; with an air of slight superiority. Example: “The weather’s so nice today, even the Hutt looks pretty.” It is quite suburban, but it’s still green and beautiful on the outskirts, and we drove up to have a look at Kaitoke Regional Park with our lovely flatmate Clare.

After a few wrong turns and a nice talk with a Wellington Regional Council water protection guy, we arrived at the entrance to Kaitoke. We were surprised, as we have been whenever we’ve thought we’ve had a “good idea” to see some nature on a weekend or national holiday (…), to see the park overrun with other humans. A giant swing bridge (again, I was somehow surprised that a trail called The Swingbridge Trail actually had a swing bridge–what’s wrong with me?) lead us across the beautiful river to the forest where we took a quick tramp. The giant tree tunnels were among our favorite things.

The weather has been very summery, and it was a relief to dip into the freezing river after our hike, if only to our waists. I tried not to talk too loudly, because I didn’t think the locals would realize that my USA flag bikini was supposed to be ironic. We finished with some reading on the banks. It was a beautiful day.swing bridgewill and jennreading by the river


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