Our life has been very temporary in the past eight months, at least our creature comforts have been. We’ve been flatting and house sitting since we came overseas. This lifestyle has allowed us to travel, see amazing places, beautiful happy homes, and spend time with fascinating friends. When I have no routine, I’m reminded how the web of life is quite transparent sometimes, as Mr. Watts bethinks it. We humans play at being disconnected from each other, our surroundings, but on the other side there is more going on; a beautiful messy web.

Our days are wonderfully unpredictable, and other times we create comfortable routines that last only for a few days or a couple of weeks. The transient nature of these routines sweetens them, and eases any of the pains of being on the move. The little bits of beauty in between.


*spider and beetle photograph by William

reading :: Life After Life by Kate Atkinson for book club, The Idle Parent by Tom Hodgkinson, to remember why idling is the way
watching ::
listening :: Jesse Woods’s small catalogue, over and over again, Phosphorescent’s new Muchaco
eating :: soup. Autumn is here.


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  1. April 22, 2013

    Dig! For it is when we say yes to oppurtunity and genuine interaction with everyone you meet that the world blossoms into a rich colorful hue! May the sun shine upon yer faces! There’s a lot of us gypsies in Bellingham, Washington, yer more than welcomed to hop into the Love dimensions!

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