Sydney side up

Sydney has stolen my heart. It had all the things that made it so easy to fall in love: golden autumnal light, perfect cool weather, endlessly explorable neighborhoods, beautiful row houses and wrought iron railings, exotic birds in the trees, bookstores everywhere, excellent food… considered me wooed. You can even eat kangaroo, if that’s your bag.

We stayed in Potts Point, on the border of Kings Cross, a mishmash of new funky consumerist playground and old sketchy red light district. It was the perfect place from which to walk all over the city, which is just what we did. Google maps clocked us at about 25 miles in 4 days. Surry Hills, the Opera House, Newtown, Darlinghurst, Woollomooloo, and Paddington, Chinatown, downtown, they were all different and exploding with things to see. There’s something electric about a big city, something that lights a spark of possibility.


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