P2170694P2170697P2180708roomP2180714Towards the end of our trip through the South Island we were in need of a place to rest our heads on the Banks Peninsula. After perusing a couple of guide books, I chose Little River on a whim. As the sun set on our drive through the peninsula, we kept passing all these great-looking b&b’s and cabins, and I wondered if we made the right choice. We did, absolutely.

Little River is a home/commune/venue/campground. The kind of place where some good folks set up their homestead and opened their land to other travelers. Finding a piano in a grove of trees or a mirror ball next to the river seemed totally natural. It was quiet while we were there, only a couple of other cars camping, and we splurged on a little cabin all to ourselves. If you can call the extremely low rates splurging. There were traces of raucous musical gatherings and mud slide sledding. We were only able to stay long enough for a sleep and a wander, but I’ve already begun plans for a return trip with our family in the future. If you’re ever in the neighborhood I highly recommend; it is one of my favorite places I’ve stayed, anywhere, ever.


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