IMG_1259-2“But there is another kind of seeing that involves a letting go. When I see this way I sway transfixed and emptied. The difference between the two ways of seeing is the difference between walking with and without a camera. When I walk with a camera I walk from shot to shot, reading the light on a calibrated meter. When I walk without a camera, my own shutter opens, and the moment’s light prints on my own sliver gut.”

~Annie Dillard

Last week a friend told me they were troubled by one of the photographs I put in this space. I was shocked to discover that I had taken a photograph of cigarette butts… not that I have any issue with cigarette butts in an ash tray, but that I’d seen them as part of a still life, just bits of color and light in relation to a ground, and not for what they represent in our human world. To have the cigarette butts pointed out to me was a shock to the system, and I realized how differently I view things when my eye is looking through a lens; objects are refracted into the abstract, they become a poem where they were once prose.


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