dusting it off

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I feel I’ve been bodily pulled and lifted from winter hibernation into a vibrant springtime. And maybe it is true. At times I have needed this badly, to be surrounded by my friends and family en masse.  We had a visit from our dear Jack Decatur and Jill Eugene all the way from Olympia, Washington. Denver shined bright sun on them, and hopefully cleared a few cobwebs and let in some welcome fresh air. They came bearing tall tales and gifts, and brightened our world for a magical few days.

We threw ourselves/our guests a party, and our new little house was packed full of Denver’s finest loves. There was guitar picking, baby squeezing, cheesecake eating, and much catching up; reminders of a world much bigger than our own, to be celebrated.

Between snows we had a wander up a mountain, to an old castle. We brought a picnic of veggies, almonds, hummus, chocolate, and a bottle of red. These days there are many many firsts, like a first cucumber. To feel the wind on a mountain with dear friends beside me and a wee human strapped to my body is divine, and makes me laugh with the absurd amount of love abounding. And all I can think over and over again is *thank you*.

One thought on “dusting it off

  1. Jennifer, I am so pleased to see your post. I always enjoy the photos and the writing. You definitely have a way with words. Love, J

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