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08 IMG_3985We have a visitor from over the seas. Our small person is very taken with our guest. We talk about lines that connect us through time, all over the globe, and about how we could never have imagined our worlds now. And how wonderful that is.

Image by the talented Matthew Bialostocki.

Film is being processed. Luckily I’m surrounded by fabulous photographers these days to make up for my slow photography processes. Viva film.


IMG_9578Last year this man published a book called The Homeland of Pure Joy, and has just begun releasing the same in audio book. I love listening to books, love being read to, and am so very excited to hear this story aloud. The book is being released serially, just like old time stories on the radio, as a podcast. You can download and subscribe to it on the itunes store. Perfect for summertime relaxing on the porch.


_24_0027 honey lemon ginger
Life has been too full to spend much time here. Summer is ripe and I have been surrounded by friends, food, projects, and all the goodness of Colorado. But today here are a few last moments in Wellington. Photos courtesy of my beloved Pentax K1000.